The process of playing Baccarat Bao Jin Zhong formula

Baccarat playing process of Baojingzhong formula It’s actually an easy formula to play. Without any complexity, it can be played easily. Just three steps.

1. First turn, choose a table first and wait to see if the formula enters or not. Calm down, don’t rush Find the most suitable table Do not play at the dragon table.

2. Wait and look at both sides that PLAYER and BANKER win with Pok or two cards without drawing. Next turn, choose to bet on PLAYER

3. If both sides have PLAYER and BANKER wins. With 3 cards or with the next draw, choose to bet BANKER, all formulas are just like this. Can you see? I think it’s very easy to teach. I hope that friends will use this formula together.

Additional tricks make it more effective. Take the Bao Jin Zhong formula to the next level.

1. Do not play in the dragon card is strictly prohibited. In online gambling games, there are many tables to choose from for everyone to choose from. But for Bao Jin Zhong formula Losing through a dragon card Therefore, everyone should be patient and wait. Find a table that is good and most suitable to reduce the risk of losing to the casino. How is the dragon club? The dragon club is the same card, often in a long line.

2. Don’t be impatient to play baccarat. good should be calm Play according to the formula often. If everyone is impatient It may be possible that there will be an incident of stabbing the garden formula, causing it to lose. I suggest everyone stay calm.

3. Money flow is very important. Help make the Baccarat Bao Jinjong formula perfect. I will advise you to use it. Compounding the money, when losing, it is to be rolled over to get the lost money back by compounding to double. Until it’s right, when it’s right, come back to bet the starting value, for example,

start walking at 50 baht, when losing will bet 100 200 400 800 1600 3200 until it’s right, when it’s right, change to bet 50 again

4. Will A goal has to be set in the play, but one at a time. How many baht will you lose? And how many baht of profit is enough? They’ve been hit each other for a while now, with one more request.