A look at the hot online business of the New Normal era and how to adjust the online store to be beautiful

“New Normal era” has become a familiar term since the Covid-19 crisis came in. Many businesses have begun to adjust. to survive more because of changing consumer behavior Shop from offline-only service began to move into more online Today, Pimplern will take a look at the booming and hot online business in the New Normal

era, along with how to adapt to the online business to be beautiful in an era where we all need to be alert all the time.

What businesses are booming in the NEW NORMAL era?


During the Covid-19 situation Various online courses such as online courses, seminars, online training, etc. have all adapted themselves to the online world. Because of social distancing and online course businesses have grown rapidly. By using online media as a tool such as Zoom, Google Meet, Youtube or Facebook Live. Anyone who has any skill in

hand, try to teach in the online world. Good or bad, can be taken as the main occupation.


result of covid-19 causing consumers to rarely travel to eat outside Or the restaurant can’t open to sit and eat in the restaurant as much as before. The delivery service is therefore another business that is clearly growing.

At the same time the store Many restaurants have also converted to online distribution with self-delivery services. Or use the delivery service (Food Delivery) as an intermediary in the delivery of goods. Deliver food to customers. Simply put, delivery service, in addition to growing in the covid era. It also helps restaurants that adjust to

sell online to receive sales compensation from customers who walk in. Plus, get more new customers as well.

3. NEW NORMAL BUSINESS : Selling online.

Selling online is a booming business in the New Normal era because during the Covid-19 crisis. Causing people to not dare to go out and spend a lot of goods Therefore, they turned to have more online shopping behaviors. And it’s the first career that many people think of. began to capture the channel to turn into a merchant online merchants

increase because it’s easy to open a shop You don’t even need a storefront. can sell through E-Marketplace like Shopee, Lazada or through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LINE OA or the website and also get customers from all over the country.