4 social media platforms to find customers in the covid era

It is normal today. More and more brands are moving onto social media platforms as a huge number of consumers are using these social media on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean that every social media platform has the same working principles and target audience. Today, Cotactic would like to introduce all entrepreneurs to the 4 social

media platforms of 2021. Online as we know each other has different strengths. and what platforms are suitable for business


First and foremost, it is inevitable that the world’s most famous platform is Facebook, the most popular social media platform with more than 3 billion users worldwide. It makes it easier for us to communicate with friends and family through the statuses,

images or activities we share. You can follow news, opinions or what is going on in society on many public pages that can be seen all over the news feed.

But in terms of doing business, Facebook is a great tool for communicating and making advertisements through the Page system. Promote your products in just a few clicks. Born into a new business model (Social Commerce) that we see each other until we are used to social media. and when combined with the current epidemic situation This

online trading trend has started to become an integral part of users’ daily lives. Until it is likely that doing business in the online world will eventually integrate with our normal lives.

Facebook itself has foreseen an important opportunity at this point. Therefore began to develop a working system that facilitates smooth trading or business activities. and can work most efficiently on their platform


When it comes to a platform that provides online video content services, Youtube is probably the first name that every user thinks of. Because as one of the first websites with a vision to provide services for searching, viewing or distributing video content. Makes today Youtube has as many as 2 billion users around the world, which in

Thailand has as many as 37 million users. This is a very high number compared to the total number of users of other video content platforms combined.

From the perspective of general users, Youtube is another video platform that is easy to use, easy to access, has video content for those who like to watch or listen to a variety of options. They also have a good working system. Support the creators Providing the production of work is convenient, simple, uncomplicated, thus making Youtube content circulating upload to the website all the time. If Google is a search engine that

consumers use to find what they want, Youtube is like the main website that consumers use. to find the desired video.

This is another reason why Youtube has become a quality channel to continue doing business today. because of the enormous amount of users There are users at all times. It has become a great tool in the field of online marketing. Able to create strategies for

public relations and communication in a variety of ways. Can answer every purpose of work Even if the goal is to find customers or sell products directly


Instagram, also known as IG, is a free social media platform dedicated to sharing photos or short videos. It has been popular with new generations around the world. which has a total of 1 billion users per month With 16 million Instagram users in Thailand, it is one of the most popular platforms that both consumers and businesses have become interested in in recent years. The applications related to business are well

laid down by the developer. Because it is owned by a large platform like Facebook, the backend system can be connected to each other. Create convenience for users like no other platform has been able to do before.

Online marketing or doing business through Instagram is not far from us. It can be seen that at present Brands or online stores, large and small, have moved to open more stores on IG. With the majority of users being the new generation Building a new

customer base for businesses through the IG platform. Therefore, they are often more effective than other types of social media.

But that doesn’t mean that every brand can always be successful on IG. Because of the content or content that is quite specific. Marketing work therefore requires an appropriate analysis and planning to a certain extent. Due to this complexity,

Instagram is considered to be a secondary platform that enhances and drives the brand’s main channel online more than

4.Line Broadcast.

Line is a social media that Thai people of all ages know each other very well. It is a communication application that can be perfectly adapted to our daily life. This is why LINE has become one of the most successful applications in Thailand. In terms of doing business LINE is one of the hottest marketing channels in the past few years. With convenient functions such as Line Broadcast, messaging to a large number of

consumers who are friends with Line Official Account (Line OA) to continue doing business in various purposes as planned by the brand.

The communication via Line Broadcast will allow customers who follow them to receive information, news and various promotional promotions directly from the brand at all times. They can also communicate via chat with admins immediately if they are interested or have questions about products and services. This is another convenient

service that business owners can apply for various online marketing plans. It also has a simple, convenient, uncomplicated work system that can start and learn by yourself immediately.

From all of the above, it is enough to conclude that Social media platforms have an impact on doing business to a degree that should not be overlooked. Choosing the right platform can produce good results for your business. So if your business hasn’t started online marketing yet. Or there is no online platform as the main channel. Now would be

a good time to start planning this seriously. Because otherwise, your business may be left behind and out of date.