4 prohibitions! Must understand before starting online marketing

1. Do not use all online media in the world.

online marketing Can use many online media It depends on the suitability of your business at all. But… not every media that exists in the world because it will make you “Waste of money It’s a waste of time and life” to take care of that media. Therefore, business owners should focus on the target audience. Let’s analyze that What online media channels do most of your customers use the most? And you can focus on using

that channel. For example, if your target audience is working age. Our recommended channel is Facebook, or if you are a teenager, you can use it as Instagram or Twitter.

2. Don’t focus too much on the number of likes .

Most business owners like to have the mistaken belief that The more pages or online media number of likes or a lot of followers That’s a good thing, yes! We agree, it’s actually a good thing because of the large number of likes. It can build a brand’s credibility to a certain extent, but really, you don’t have to focus on the number of likes

alone. But must look at the participation or sales and profit at the same time, and most importantly, do not buy likes strictly because it may cause your page to be banned.

3. Modern marketing must not only talk about itself.

You create online media. To increase sales for your business primarily, right? But if you only sell things without offering any other content Your business may be “boring” right away, so good marketing Should offer a variety of content, for example, if you want to sell marketing courses. You should present the relevant stuff in the course and

supplement it with additional knowledge such as SEO techniques to get your website ranked or giving away a free e-book on branding. to make customers feel If he decides to buy your course He will surely receive full value and benefit.

4. Do not! Forgot to make a strategy When starting online marketing

Most business owners rush to online marketing as soon as they start building their business because they want to increase sales as quickly as possible, but may forget that the first thing to do is “strategizing.” customer To create a strategy to make your business strong first. If you could start with these The next step in online marketing is not difficult to accomplish. and your business will progress steadily.

If you want to market your business online You can follow basic marketing principles. and use the techniques that are available to the fullest Just don’t forget the 4 absolute taboos we’ve introduced you above. And your business will definitely be booming!