3 Important Basics Business Owners Should Know Before Starting Digital Marketing

Many business owners must have heard the term Digital Marketing more or less. Because social media has become a part of our daily lives. It has been used as a working tool for people in various fields. This includes marketers who have embraced

this transformation as a creative tool. It can also produce more successful results than in other eras in the past.

Because today’s technology has made marketing more efficient than ever before. more flexible wide scope Tools and avenues are so abundant that anyone can start marketing. Entrepreneurs who own businesses are increasingly turning to do digital marketing themselves. But making it successful isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult in

digital marketing or online marketing. Requires a lot of understanding to a certain extent.

So if you don’t have a good helper or planning. No matter how much budget has been invested It may not give anything worthwhile back at all. Today, Cotactic would like to introduce everyone to know about Digital Marketing in detail. what it is What are the steps? And can you do it yourself? This article has the answer.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing translates directly to be as easy to understand as possible. is marketing on various digital systems in order to reach customers or consumers with electronic devices such as mobile phone Computer or TV as a medium The most popular channels to do today are seen as various online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,

Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Line or the Search Engine system that we know very well like Google.

However, it is important to understand that Digital Marketing is not limited to online channels alone. Because, as mentioned, Digital Marketing is marketing through digital system with various electronic devices as a medium, some technologies do not always rely on the internet. For example, LED signs, offline applications on smartphones or

SMS messages, etc. These are all digital channels that marketers can do Digital Marketing to communicate almost to customers.

and with ever-changing technology Marketing has to be adapted according to consumer behavior. Digital Marketing is a signal of the transition of the era. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to promote your product or brand to be known. Really want to reach customers Learning and adapting to take the business in the right direction can

create an advantage in doing business as well. Digital Marketing is another marketing strategy that entrepreneurs should know.

That’s why Digital Marketing to influence the business nowadays.

As we all know, the online world has become like our second world. It is a new virtual space that brings together people from all over the world. no partition no borders We can find everything we need here: media, social, entertainment, education, purchase of goods or services, etc. Therefore, when the lives of most consumers using the Internet

as part of their normal lives, Digital Marketing was born. up to drive business in the online world This has become a way to create new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Because whether the business is a small business that has just been established or a

large business that has been in operation for ten years If you don’t want to be left behind Businesses must adapt to changing technology.

So how important is Digital Marketing to doing business today? This question is probably a question that many entrepreneurs may have wondered or wondered about. In order to answer this question, one must understand that Online Marketing is not intended to increase sales alone. In terms of doing Online Marketing, in addition to

bringing income and profits. Another by-product that will be obtained is communication with customers Making customers know more about the brand This is the heart of doing business today that has it all. For this reason, the Internet has become the best communication channel between businesses and customers. It is fast, convenient and

easy to access. It can create a great customer experience, building more brand and customer engagement in just a few clicks.

Moving the business down to the online world does not have to be done in full. If an entrepreneur or marketing team has a good understanding of Digital Marketing, they will know where to start and develop. Perhaps adjusting the marketing strategy to suit the business can also be followed by reducing unnecessary expenses. Open up new business opportunities that you may not have seen before.


If you want to start doing Digital Marketing, how should you prepare?

Understanding is the most important aspect of Digital Marketing. Many people may have thought that online marketing is a simple process like opening a page. It’s enough to promote content by paying ads and shooting them. But believe me, doing good Digital Marketing has a lot more details than that. If an entrepreneur or marketing team

starts doing it without experience. lack of cognition There is not enough planning and careful planning. It may cause your business to lose benefits as it shouldn’t be. The money invested also produces results that do not meet the requirements. Affects the business in various unexpected angles, so if you want your business to grow steadily in

the online world. Want to come up with an effective strategy and help drive your business towards oneness? You must have a good understanding of Digital Marketing and understand the elements involved in the business first. Which will have some important fundamentals, let’s see.

  1. Have an understanding of your own brand.

In order to do Digital Marketing to be the best and most effective. May have to start with understanding the identity of the brand or business itself before that. What exactly is the goal of your business? This is an important question that any entrepreneur or marketing team must answer. Because a clear goal is like a peg that reminds you of

what you are doing. It will be like a reflection in your head that you and your team have the opportunity to question the method. what needs to be done to achieve the goal How do you make the strategy you want to be effective and get the most satisfying results?

Next, after we have answered the question about the goals of the business. you have to get to know brand identity or business itself to penetrate You will need to find out what are the key features that make your product or service different, where it is better, and why customers should choose you. In order to communicate or present the identity of

the brand correctly. until it can be made clear stand out and effectively build a standing for your brand

If you can answer the above questions to a certain extent. Understand your brand or business until you understand your goals. Know your identity, identity or strengths You can start doing Digital Marketing immediately because from now on. Strategy for online marketing campaigns will be planned under a clear framework. have a goal to hold You

and your team will be able to focus on what needs to be done. to invest resources in important areas Save more money and time than you think.


2. Understand the thoughts of consumers or customers.

After getting to know your brand already The next thing you need to learn is your own “customers” because customers are the most important factor in digital marketing if you want to have a successful online marketing campaign. powerful enough You need to understand and know your own customers. Know what your customers want, what they want, what they want, because no matter how good your product or service is. If the customer does not want They won’t buy your product.

For doing Digital Marketing, it can be compared to the work that we are doing. is to design various strategies to communicate with customers all the time Have a duty to persuade customers persuade him to buy a product or service More than that, you have to manage your brand image. create awareness Build your business identity online. If we don’t know the group of people we’re talking to or want to communicate with. This means that the conveyed

substance may not perform as well as intended. Therefore, before starting to do Digital Marketing seriously, we should do an analysis of our own customer groups first. By using a method to allocate information roughly as follows:

• Analyze personality, lifestyle, needs, problems that customers have. what they are interested in What they like

• Study the customer’s channel of use and which platforms are available. Is there a way to recognize or access products and services?

• What is the daily routine of the customer? When is the time when customers use the Internet the most?

When will we be able to approach customers the most?

• And when we have analyzed the behavior of customers until we understand to a certain extent. We will be able to predict and plan strategies to meet the needs of customers easily. which the more we know our customers It will be even more beneficial to doing Digital Marketing. Because in addition to helping your business close sales and increase profits. It may also help increase awareness. Stimulate word-of-mouth to have more customer base as well.

3. Know the channel or platform well.

• Another important variable that is the main factor of online marketing is the various channels or platforms that are important areas for creating content for customers to see. When it comes to online marketing platforms, Most people may think of Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, but in this day and age, the development of social media is

continuous and emerging almost every year. Sometimes, if we analyze the suitability of the business or brand. Carefully consider our products and services. We may have the opportunity to play in new platforms or channels that are better suited to the behavior of our main customers. Therefore, it is important to choose a platform that fits your

business or business goals. If we are in the right place at the right time Having content that meets the needs of the platform and target audience, making effective online marketing is not difficult at all.

• But as mentioned above, Digital Marketing is marketing in the online and digital world with electronic devices as a medium to communicate with customers. Therefore, platforms or channels don’t have to be just Social Media. single Because in today’s era, there are many online platforms for marketers or entrepreneurs to choose from. There

are also many details that affect the success results in different channels. This is necessary for the marketing team to understand the channels as well and thoroughly as possible.