14 online marketing trends in 2022

1. Content Marketing will change to “Content Selling”

Many marketers have realized the importance of content marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of the most successful marketers in Business to Business (B2B) marketing say their organization has historically been focused on content marketing, but Currently, these companies are changing their approach to content selling to create market collateral.

That means that content has to be conducive to the sales process. And marketing teams need to have a strategy to create content that aligns with the journey of the target audience before they become our customers. Measuring the impact of marketing is an important measure of success by setting the right KPIs for Content Marketing.

2. All-in-One Marketing Software Providers One of

the emerging trends in digital marketing is the transition to integrated software. with a single sign-on To use all of Liana Technologies’ tools, they are designed to improve marketers’ productivity and save time

3. Shoot more accurate targeted ads

People tend to ignore advertisements that are not relevant to themselves. or invading privacy too much According to research by Digital Connections, 49% of people are not interested in brands. If they feel that the ad is not relevant to themselves, while 36% of the respondents return. They are more likely to buy from brands that deliver messages

or advertisements that are appropriate for them. that means The direction of online advertising in the future will be more accurate with the target customers.

4. Use Voice Search.

Voice search seems to have a better direction. In the United States alone, Voice Commerce sales are expected to reach $40 billion in revenue by 2022, so Voice Search should be available today. To facilitate more users.

5. New marketing work.

With the growth of Big Data, marketing work related to data analysis and interpretation has become more in demand. which Boston University considers Marketing jobs like position Market Research Analyst will see a 41.2 percent increase in popularity, while

jobs related to growth hacking in various online marketing strategies To make the business grow by leaps and bounds, it is more desirable

6. The individual market.

90% of brands use personalization marketing. This is a marketing strategy that offers products, services, or content that are tailored to individual customers. It is expected that in the future companies will modify their own websites to target specific groups of

people. Like the Amazon website, the homepage of the website analyzes user behavior. Before offering products that match the interests or interests of that person.

7. Sales and marketing will be consistent.

The growing popularity of technologies such as marketing automation platforms This will make sales and marketing work more harmonious. According to the survey, 1 in 3 said marketing automation enables closer collaboration between sales and marketing.

8. Online marketing investment will grow.

Companies currently spend significantly more on Return on Investment (ROI) measurements. And investments in this area are growing steadily. The Drum forecasts that the global online marketing software market will grow from $37.48 billion in 2017 to $74.96 billion in 2022.

The CMO estimates that the market will grow. This is especially due to the increased investment in online advertising. It is estimated that by 2022, 87% of the marketing budget will be devoted to making online mistakes.

9. New customer behavior.

A previously anticipated online marketing trend, Generation Z (Gen-Z) is the largest consumer group, accounting for 40% of all consumers. Therefore, future marketing must be aimed at responding to new customer behavior. such group with these methods

• Work with these Influencer influencing the decision of Gen-Z was found that 86% of women who shop on the advice of Influencer in Social Media

• aimed at the content is. video Statistics in 20108 showed that 95% of people who watched a video would be interested in finding out more about a product or service.

• Must be transparent because Gen-Z values ​​transparency. If they trust it, it will be easier to make a purchase accordingly.

10. Transparency

94% of consumers say they will remain loyal to a transparent brand. It doesn’t deceive consumers. So if a company fails to trust transparency and correctness will miss out on selling opportunities while

The European Union also enacted a Standard Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been in force since 2018, to highlight the importance of transparent handling of customer data.


11. Apps Supported

According to AdAge, US consumer mobile spending will increase to $65 billion by 2020, and the development of 5G technology will help facilitate operators. The market can use mobile data. And it’s easier to convey messages that need to be sent to consumers through applications. Because everything can be done through mobile apps.

12. New behavior of social media.

It might be incredible to say that people are more inclined to deactivate their social media these days, with data from GlobalWebIndex showing that 32% of UK social media users. and the United States Decided to deactivate their social media accounts in the past 12 months, so marketers need to be clear on creating more engaging content.

For example, the use of VR and AR technology, as well as other channels, such as sending email marketing messages. and public relations

13. Instant marketing

timely marketing (Just-in-time marketing) focuses on creating essential marketing content. and have to adjust to meet the needs of consumers just in time when they are ready to buy By using a marketing automation platform that can send messages to consumers in a timely manner A report from Accenture Interactive found that 38% of

just-in-time marketing companies have increased their annual revenue by more than 25%.

14. The Rise of AI

technology will be increasingly used in online marketing. According to Gartner, AI features will be included in almost every new software product in the future.