Find A Good Car Locksmith

When locked out of a car, it is often frustrating to try to find a car locksmith in Murray, KY. There are many locksmiths in Franklin, but not all of them specialize in car locksmith services. When you need car locksmith assistance, there are several things to consider before choosing a locksmith. By taking the time to look at a few important factors, you will be able to choose a locksmith in Franklin, TN that can help you with the issue you face.

“We are a local and 100% electronic locksmith business (TN Lic #554). We can program and install new keys for any car on the road, including motorcycles and smart/intelligent/aria key fobs. We are able to repair most car locks or key problems that you might have with your car, no matter what the issue might be. We provide fast professional service and can get you locked out of your car in no time.”

This is a bit of a lie, but it seems like the type of customer service that this locksmith offers is what they advertise. I called them up and asked about their customer service skills. Their customer service representative, whom I had contacted earlier, was very polite and did not try to sell me anything else, just to tell me I had a lock that was in trouble and needed a locksmith. This made me a little bit more comfortable about calling them because I was not worried about being sold a useless product.

There were a few other car locksmiths in Franklin, KY that could not live up to their advertisement. A couple from the car dealership came to my house and tried to put an appointment for me and my car at 8 am. When I asked why they told me they were trying to set up a ride along for one of their drivers who was going to be working the new car. The only problem was that he could not make the appointment, and we were supposed to arrive at the dealership around the same time. Once we got there, the guy who came to replace me didn’t show up until nearly two hours later. I called him and told him I thought it was going to be a waste of money, but apparently, he didn’t know how to handle emergencies, so instead offered to give me a ride to my next appointment.

This car locksmith was very nice and took care of me immediately. I was able to use his expertise to help me open the car door without having to worry about hurting myself trying. Since he was such a nice guy, I felt fortunate to have him on my side. I will definitely use him again when I need a new lock to replace a broken one.

Unfortunately, there are some car locksmiths out there that are not as nice as they look on TV or in the ads. I have had the experience of having to deal with a call center that answered my calls with cheesy sales lines and gave me wrong information. If you are ever stranded somewhere and want to get into your car, don’t let the locksmith wait to help you. Always take care of the matter yourself before handing over any money.