Can VPT Cause Permanent Damage?

Many people who suffer from chronic neck, head, and body pain may be suffering from a number of different problems, such as muscle spasms, nerve damage, or even vestibular physical therapy (VPT). In some cases, VPT can lead to the development of serious conditions such as tumors or aneurysms and, in rare cases, can cause permanent disability.

Neck pain that radiates down the arm or shoulders is often caused by trauma to the neck or head. For example, whiplash (a sudden blow to the head) can result in a host of other neck and head injuries. The neck may become swollen or inflamed and then a person may begin to feel pain in their shoulders. This pain may be caused by overuse of the neck muscles that are typically found in sports, such as tennis, basketball, and golf.

When the pain becomes severe, it may be possible to reduce the symptoms by performing neck exercises that improve range of motion, or by making a few adjustments to the positioning of the head while sleeping. A vestibular physical therapy treatment program can help people with neck pain relax their neck muscles through a series of exercises designed to increase the flexibility and stability of the muscles that support the neck. These treatments help improve balance, relieve tension, and improve the ability of the patient to control the movement of their head and neck.

Sometimes, however, the neck pain is caused by an underlying condition that cannot be treated by neck exercises alone. In these cases, surgery may be necessary to correct the problem. A surgical procedure known as cranial repositioning may be the only viable treatment option. In this procedure, a device is placed under the chin to align the head and neck in such a way that it is no longer in a forward position. This device is called a cranial repositioning device and it can correct many problems related to neck pain.

In more severe cases, VPT may need to be combined with spinal decompression to treat the pain. Spinal decompression can be a relatively simple procedure in which medicine is injected into the spine to break up scar tissue and improve blood flow. It is not uncommon for these medications to be combined with other medicines to order to relieve muscle stiffness.

Head and neck pain can be very difficult to treat and, in some cases, surgery may be needed. However, in some cases, a combination of chiropractic treatments, massage, acupuncture, and VPT can help reduce and prevent the occurrence of recurrent head and neck pain. While there are many treatments that may be recommended by a medical doctor, most people do not need expensive medical procedures to treat head and neck pain and, especially those that are caused by pain caused by injury to the head or neck.