Advantage Physical Therapy – What Services Do They Offer?

Advantage Physical Therapy in Tacoma WA is a full-service facility that offers a full range of treatment for individuals of all ages. It is the only full-service center of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. They have been offering treatment to patients with many types of physical disorders for more than 35 years. Their staffs are extremely trained and skilled in their field and use their experience to help each patient achieve optimal health.

Physical therapists at Advantage Physical Therapy in Tacoma WA can treat a wide variety of ailments including arthritic conditions, muscle injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, birth defects, pediatric problems, neuromuscular conditions, and many other conditions that involve the musculoskeletal system. Patients are usually seen within one to four weeks after their initial visit. During this time, the therapist will test and evaluate the patient’s condition and then determine the best course of treatment. They also work closely with the patient’s family to ensure they are given the best care possible. Treatment may include medication, surgery, occupational therapy, and special exercises designed to build strength, improve movement, and eliminate pain.

Advantage Physical Therapy in Tacoma WA offers several outpatient services as well as inpatient services. All services are focused on providing patients with the best possible chance for a positive outcome with their health care needs. The center specializes in treating children, adults, and couples. Their emergency room is staffed by doctors, nurses, and therapists who have combined their knowledge and experience to offer patients the highest level of care.

Many people are afraid to go to an inpatient center because they do not want to be alone, feel out of control, or be under the control of another person. Advantage centers offer highly trained, compassionate and non-judgmental people that make patients feel comfortable from the beginning. Some centers even offer one on one counseling sessions. The outpatient services include doctor visits, primary care appointments, specialty care visits, x-rays, prescriptions, and more.

The physical therapy course work at Advantage provides a very good foundation for physical therapists to build their career on. When you complete the course work at the center, you will be ready to advance your education and begin your career as a physical therapist. By furthering your education, you can become certified to do more specialized work in sports medicine, geriatrics, or other areas. You can also pursue higher level positions with bigger name professional organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), which has its own physical therapy research wing. You can become a member of this organization, which has been accredited by the ACSM, and take part in conferences and seminars.

The center also has a high quality network of educational resources that you can access. The library and learning centre are one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest. The centre also features a full service office that provides many different types of professional support. These services are offered by several therapists who have many years of experience and knowledge in the field of orthopedics, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.